Ten Canadian Artists | Ten Styles of Painting
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Jennifer Noxon

Jennifer returned to visual art fifteen years ago, after many years as a language teacher and performing songwriter. Unsurprisingly, her visual work embodies a certain musicality; words like rhythm, shape, line, texture, pattern, harmony, and even controlled chaos come to mind. Whether it’s abstract or representational, for Noxon painting is a process that requires intuition, instinct, observation and experience.

In past painting series, Jennifer explored abstract elements found in nature that resulted in dynamic, colourful compositions. Her 2015 limited edition of digital paintings, entitled Almonte Riverwalk, presented beautifully rendered interpretations of iconic Almonte riverscapes. Her recent body of work entitled Paint, Paper and Flotsam is a playful , yet sobering collection of small paintings on panel, found plastic constructions, and a folded paper wall installation. all inspired by found plastic.  

Says Noxon,“I have realized that working in series gives me the limitations I need to be productive. I’m very mutable so if I don’t have some kind of limitations, I get overwhelmed with possibilities. That said, in completing one series and starting another - I give myself permission to grow and change. Trusting the process is something I have to re-learn all the time. That’s the only way I can truly explore something and push the limits of my own visual vocabulary.” 

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