Ten Canadian Artists | Ten Styles of Painting

Kaija Savinainen Mountain

Kaija is a professional working artist, tutor and teacher. She paints from Willow Creek Studio in Clayton. 

Kaija’s works are suggestive - they speak to viewers, who can then fill in the blanks with there own echoes. Her paintings have an immediacy of vision that is reflected in their spontaneous, seemingly disordered or haphazard nature. Underlying the surface imagery, however, are formal elements and a sense of balance that is surprising. The order results from her vision of what she wants to express.

Kaija’s work has an energy and an exuberant quality amplified by working in mixed media - watercolours, oil paintings, and pastels - entirely left-handedly. A decision to use the untrained hand, to attempt to tap into instinctive, subconscious, non-rational energies that supposedly emanate from the right brain has added another interesting dimension to her work.

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