Ten Canadian Artists | Ten Styles of Painting


The Guest Book | WOW!

“Woot Woot! Stunning!

“My ten favourite artists in one place!”

“So enjoyable! Beautiful art! Thank you!

“What a fantastic venue to display art!”

“Fantastic! Thanks for putting this together!”

“Gridlock in Almonte - Awesome!”

“This was a really excellent show!”

“What a treat! Thank you!! Please do this again!”

Several pages of The Ten Collective guest book were filled with so many beautiful comments! We were moved deeply by the support and interest from those who attended our show. Visitors came from Montreal to Toronto, Stittsville to Orleans, Clayton to Carp and on and on. We were so surprised that promotion of the event had reached so far!

My goodness, how lucky were we to have had so many art lovers come to the show and enjoy it as much as they did.

The guest book will be at the entrance door once again. It will mean so much to us if you took a moment and sign it with your location and a comment if you chose. It’s such a wonderful keepsake for us.

Allan Stanley