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To enter or not to enter – why do I do this !

2019 International Open Juried Online Exhibition, March 15, 2019 - June 15, 2019

To enter or not to enter?! Why do I do this? I must ask myself this each and every time I put my art work forward to a jury. Anxiety at first - and then well nothing ventured nothing gained.

It is a really difficult decision for it feels sometimes that it is a roll of the dice whether one’s work is chosen or not. As part of the entry process, I am mindful to choose from my body of work those pieces that would fit with the show’s aesthetic and stated objectives. I make sure to do my research by checking out the show’s web site and other online sources for reviews and testimonials.

I decided to give the Society of Canadian Artists call for an online exhibition a try. I noticed it was juried by a number of individuals with art experience and knowledge. And I did see that a well know Canadian Artist was an honorary member, Mary Pratt, RCA.

I chose three works that are representative of my style, completed the online application before the due date and paid the fee. Said a small prayer under my breath and pressed “apply”. The entries I should mention had to be of a certain vintage, including jpegs correctly labelled info and sized. The art work must also be for sale.

Several weeks later I did receive an email response indicating a successful entry that of one of my works had been indeed chosen for the online exhibition. I was elated, especially given my initial trepidations and anxiety about it all. One practical element of an online exhibition that must be appreciated - no shipping fees for transporting a larger piece, which can be quite onerous.

The exhibition title is: 2019 International Open Juried Online Exhibition, March 15, 2019 - June 15, 2019

My piece is listed under my name Savinainen, Kaija entitled: Raven’s Land-Tin Can Hill, Yellowknife. Here is the link for the exhibition.

Please have a look and enjoy the exhibition in its entirety.

Ravens Land - Tin Can Hill

Ravens Land - Tin Can Hill

Allan Stanley