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Update | Marina May Raike | Recognition | Update

On November 22nd, we celebrated Recognition: Meditations on Bygone Eras and an Ode to Rocks, Gems and Minerals. The exhibition was located at Fairview Manor 175 Spring St. Almonte, ON. It continued until December 4, 2018.

Following is an “updated” update from Marina:

What a wonderful and heartwarming vernissage! So many friends showed their support and appreciation. I also met several new people who had fascinating responses to my work. There were cheery faces and interesting stories all around. Events like this are at the core of my motivation for creating.

This body of work was available for viewing at Fairview Manor until December 4th. It then moved to the nearby Ottawa Valley Family Health Team at 95 Spring St., Almonte.

The only exception is the piece entitled, 'The Queen of Gems', which is going to a special home in Perth. This painting is inspired by the beauty of the opal. With its gentle iridescence and sweetly calming hues, I was reminded of the birthstone ring my dad gave me for my birthday as a kid.
I'm grateful to Cathy Blake for her energy and efficiency in organizing this Art in the Manor exhibition. It was Cathy who suggested that I say a few words about my work, which is something I like to do. For some strange reason, I love the opportunity to open up and reveal my artistic vulnerabilities. Maybe it's a way of letting go of self consciousness. It's quite cathartic.

It's an honour and a privilege to share these feelings with others through my art. Thanks everyone!