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We Were Talking About Art.

I had an enlightening conversation this morning with a very interesting, savvy and astute 20 year old, Kathryn, at Baker Bob’s.

We were talking about art.

One of Kaija Savinainen’s paintings was on the wall behind her at the cash register.

It’s a bigger painting and it commands such presence. An impressionist winter scene that invites you in for a walk through the woods at that blue time of day.

Kathryn said it was her favourite and she wished she could have it.

So, we talked about what that would mean and, of course, I shared my wise much-older person opinion. (smiley face)

I said it would be now that she learn more about investing in original art for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Kaija Savinainen Mountain

Kaija Savinainen Mountain

There are many reasons to collect art and they can be very different for each person. The top three that first came to mind for me is that art (there are always exceptions) appreciates over time, it defines part of who you are and, most importantly, it makes you feel good every time you look at it.

It hit me! All of the art in our home is so different from each other. We have expressionist, illustrative, impressionist and abstract paintings done in watercolour, acrylic, oil, pen & ink, wood cuts and multimedia. We also have some beautiful sculptures. Each one was a investment but not just with money. Our psyche, our well being, is an investment, is it not?

Our collection makes us feel good when we look at it. And because it’s a feeling we most enjoy, we will continue to invest in original art if for the sole purpose of enjoyment.